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Graphite soft, black grey; greasy flu can be contaminated paper. Hardness ranged from 1 to 2, along the vertical direction with the increase in hardness of impurities may be increased to 3 to 5. The proportion of 1.9 to 2.3. In the isolation of oxygen conditions, its melting point above 3000 ��C, the temperature is one of the minerals. Graphite melting point of 3850 �� 50 ��C , the boiling point of 4250 ��C, even with super-high temperature arc ignition, a small weight loss, a small thermal expansion coefficient. Graphite intensity with the temperature increase to strengthen in 2000 ��C, graphite strength doubled. We provide a wide range of graphite mold. Graphite crucible of the main raw materials, natural graphite crystal shape. Has good thermal conductivity and temperature resistance, and excellent chemical stability. Graphite Crucible in metallurgy, casting, mechanical, and chemical industrial sector, are widely used in the alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metals smelting and alloy melting. Lubrication of graphite flake graphite depends on the size of the greater scale, the smaller the coefficient of friction, lubrication performance better. Lubrication of graphite used in the industrial field is extremely wide, we can provide you with the corresponding bearing lubrication products.
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